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Oil Drilling and Pipeline Accident Representation

The natural gas industry in Colorado and Wyoming is booming as a result of high oil and prices. While this has resulted in record profits for gas companies, it also has resulted in more accidents and deaths and threatens to put many more workers at risk. In order to capitalize on profits, some drilling companies and producers are cutting corners, pressuring workers to move too quickly, insisting that employees work long strenuous hours, in bad weather conditions, or under unsafe, dangerous work conditions. In addition, some workers are inexperienced and their training is on the job . This puts both them and their co-workers at risk. There is also a high demand for and a shortage of drilling rigs and other necessary equipment. In order to meet this demand, some companies are choosing to keep equipment in the field without routine and proper maintenance or beyond its recommend service date. As anyone in this business knows, equipment failures can be catastrophic. As a result of the above, the risk for serious injury and death in this field of work is increasing.

When oil and gas accidents occur, it can leave victims seriously and even fatally injured. Accident victims and their families deserve to be properly compensated for their losses and should talk with an experienced attorney about their rights.

If you’ve had a Wyoming oil rig accident, or Wyoming oil field injury, or a Colorado oil rig injury, or Wyoming oil field injury, Jim Gigax can help you.

Converse County, Sublette County, Pinedale and Riverton and other Wyoming families know all about the pain of loss from oil rig accidents. Colorado families in Goshen County, Platte County, Niobrara County, Laramie County know about the risks of working in the Niobrara Shale Formation and the Niobrara Shale Oil Field. Families in Weld County, Yuma County, Adams County, Morgan County, also are no strangers to these risks and to other avoidable oil field accidents there, in the Wattenberg Oil and Gas field and elsewhere.

Oil and gas wells are located in 42 of Colorado’s 63 counties. The top 3 counties in oil production are Rio Blanco, Weld, and Cheyenne counties. Crude oil and/or natural gas are produced in 20 of Wyoming’s 23 counties. Sublette County was the leading crude oil producer in 2009 in Wyoming followed by Campbell County. Sublette County was the largest natural gas producer, with Johnson and Sweetwater Counties following.

At the law firm of Murr Siler & Accomazzo, P.C., our attorneys have experience dealing with oil and gas accidents in Colorado and Wyoming. We understand the complex rules and regulations governing accidents on oil fields, oil rigs, refineries, pipelines, storage facilities and other areas that are impacted by oil and gas, both onshore and offshore.

Contact us to learn more about your options for recovery after an accident and whether filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim is in your best interest. Talk to us for a free initial consultation. Contact us if you or someone you love has been hurt in an oil or gas accident.

Oil and Gas Accidents and Explosions

Given the tremendous amount of oil and gas activities that occur in much of Colorado and Wyoiming, the potential for accidents to occur can be great. These accidents can involve:

  • Pipeline explosions
  • Pipeline transportation accidents
  • Drilling accidents
  • Improper construction and maintenance
  • Storage problems, including contamination
  • Oil rig and derrick accidents
  • Crane accidents

Determining liability after an oil or gas accident can be difficult. Jim Gigax will thoroughly review your accident to look at whether your claim involves a subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, property owner or another party who has failed to protect you.